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FIFA 16 TOTW 11 confirmed with UK release time

We are now just hours away from the FIFA 16 TOTW 11 release time for UK and other players around the world. There has been some standout performers this week, which should make the TOTW 11 predictions more likely to become true.

Top of the list is that man once again Luis Suarez. He was a star performer in El Clasico against Madrid and it looks very likely that a new 92 rated SIF Suarez card for FUT 16 will be available for a week.

Also up for consideration is Iniesta, Javier Hernandez and Javi Martinez. It is also possible that we will see an in-form card for Liverpool defender Martin Skrtel who scored in a big win over Man City this past weekend.

Above, you can see the FIFA 16 Team of the Week 11 predictions from FUTHead, who usually get their picks spot on each week.

As for those wondering when TOTW 11 is out in the UK, new in-form players will be available from 6PM onwards UK time on Wednesday November 25, while we should be getting the lineup preview at 3PM UK time.

That is 10am Pacific Time and 1pm Eastern Time for FIFA 16 players in the US. Let us know your thoughts on the last minute predictions above and which players from the lineup you most want to get your hands on.

Will you open packs on Wednesday for TOTW 11, or will you save them for the special one-year only FIFA 16 Black Friday Lightning packs instead?   Fifa 16 ios coins

MMOBEYS FIFA 16 Black Friday packs release time for UK


We have some early information for all FIFA 16 players now, with fans very excited about the upcoming FIFA 16 Black Friday packs event, which EA will be unveiling at some point later this week.
Based on last years event though, we can give you some advance info as we are assuming that EA will simply follow the pattern from last year as they tend to each year.

We know that many of you have been asking what time does the FIFA 16 Lightning Round packs for Black Friday start in the UK, so now we can bring you this information so you can prepare your coins in advance.

Assuming that the event will echo that of EAs Black Friday packs for FIFA 15, then the FIFA 16 Black Friday pack release time will be on November 27 starting at 3PM for the first Lightning round.

Once this moment lands, EA should be offering 25k packs in the store at a limited quantity of say 20,000-but unlike regular promo packs which each player has a limit of, these are first come first serve.

That means that when the allocation is gone, thats it-tough luck. You also need to be aware that these Lightning Round packs for FIFA 16 tend to disappear in a matter of minutes so you need to act fast to avoid disappointment.

Many players will assume that the FIFA 16 Black Friday pack prices will have better odds of getting the rare players, which is why they always end up very popular every year.

If EA change their schedule for FIFA 16, we will update the information above accordingly. However, consider this your advance heads up from us so you can now start savings those coins so you are ready for the Lightning rounds.

FIFA 16 Release Date, Player Ratings, and Review

Last month, the newest FIFA video game became available in all stores worldwide. With tight competition against Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, the latest soccer sim has a lot of surprises for avid players.

Following the game’s release, the latest update for the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions went live. The third patch brings some new in-game contents and stability improvements. The developers also granted some of the requests from the community.

The addition comes in the form of star heads for some of the players, particularly those who hail from newly promoted Barclays Premier League teams for the season. Players can also have new third kits for Inter Milan, Barcelona and Roma.

In order to improve the gaming experience of players, EA games responded to the community feedback regarding issues in “FIFA 16.” The developer fixed some bugs that are detailed on their support page. The updated version of the game will now have improved matchmaking in online games, correct flags in FIFA Pro Clubs, correct images of balls in settings, and correctly timed team celebrations. There are also changes in Pro Club accomplishments and improvements in FIFA Online Seasons.

Furthermore, gamers will see improvement in “Compare Price” when using consumable items. There are also updates on the default value assigned to the Buy Now option to the max value when putting an item on the Transfer Market. Developers also addressed the issue about player’s Goalkeeper, which was in default selection for all Player Roles.

At the end of the third FIFA 16 patch, EA thanked all of their fans who continue to provide constructive feedback on social media and EA forums.  Fut 16 Android coins

The most annoying cards in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

FIFA Ultimate Team has cast a spell on all of us, it seems. Why do we keep playing it? It’s not for the tactics, or the chemistry links, or even the matches. The elusive promise that in-form Cristiano Ronaldo might be in the next pack, or Pele might be just around the corner, is enough to spur us on, playing one more match to pull together enough coins for one more pack.

But inevitably, the next pack contains no Pele, no Ronaldo, no Lionel Messi. According to the card weighting system used by UltimateDB, you probably have more chance of a decent lottery win than you do of getting purple Ronaldo-FIFA’s rarest card-in a pack. More likely you just get a load of dross to quick-sell back for measly few coins in return.

Even worse, you might have just had one of these 11 players, in which case, we feel your pain. It’s not that at any of them are bad-not by a long shot-but we see seem to see these particular faces all too often.  Fifa 16 one coins

NBA 2K16 roster changes and locker codes

“NBA 2K 16” has the advantage of being officially sponsored by the NBA as the official NBA video game, and thus, as the seasons continue, the stats of each individual player and team change to sync with the real world events. According to OperationSports, a new patch has made a few roster changes, effectively lowering or raising a few player attributes.

These changes are always subject to change depending on how the actual season plays out. It is also expected for teams to suddenly trade players in the game in order to match real-life trades in the NBA season. Players with lowered attributes may be able to see their stats go back up while those with raised stats may still see them drop.

Gamers reading the official patch notes will also learn that the roster changes also affected many of the items used in the game.

“Over the past week, many roster updates have been released that included adjustments to Accessories, Shoes, Uniform Team Colours, Starting Lineups, Injuries and Transactions. Most notably, recently signed Toney Douglas and Chuck Hayes were added to their new teams,” reads the patch notes from the game.

The PC version of the game has also received an extensive patch that is 4.3 GB in size, making it a very hefty download. The patch addresses several glitches and bugs in the game.

FIFA 16: Title update 3 for PC version now available

FIFA 16, the popular football simulation video game from EA Sports, has received its title update 3 for the PC version. PS4 and Xbox One will receive it at a later date, the official post states.

Title update 3 for FIFA 16 will add some new content like star heads for teams promoted in Barclays Premier League and new third kits.

This update will also be addressing some of the issues faced by FIFA 16 players. The players can expect improvements in match-making, fix for the exploit to win/loss record, correct country flags, PS4 issue causing screen size to change and more.

The update will also be addressing issues in FIFA Ultimate Team. Some issues that have been identified include Compare Price improvements, Goalkeeper being selected by default, image of the ball did not match that which was selected and many more.

FIFA 16 was released on 22 September, 2015, for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. This year’s FIFA 16 contained female players for the first time and it has 12 women’s national teams. The game contained 78 stadiums that include 50 real-world venues.  Fifa 16 ios coins

Madden NFL 16 Week 7 Roster Update Out Now

Coming to the halfway mark of the 2015 NFL season, EA Sports has released its latest roster update for “Madden NFL 16.”

In this week’s roster update, a few big-time rookie names see increases in their ratings including running back Todd Gurley, quarterback Jameis Winston and wide receiver Amari Cooper.

“Among this week’s stars included Todd Gurely-who had 128 yards and 2 TDs-the most by a Rams rookie since Eric Dickerson. Gurley’s aggressive running style also earned him 97 yards after contact-the most by any player this season.”

Thanks to a turnover-free week, Winston also saw improvements to his ratings.

“Jameis Winston also showed progress and had a solid week-even though his team was unable to come up with the W late against the Saints. His turnover-free performance shows that he is growing and improving.”

Cooper’s big week, which included 133 yards receiving and one touchdown, led to the Raiders receiver getting a boost.

“While a bit inconsistent in his rookie year, Amari Cooper had a big game this past week. Snagging 5 catches for 133 yards and 1 TD-the chemistry between Amari and QB Derek Carr is definitely growing.”

Other players who saw their ratings go up include Nick Folk, Derek Carr and Cameron Jordan. Unfortunately, for players like Andrew Luck, Davon House and Brandon LaFell, their ratings went down.   Cheap  fifa coins