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FIFA18 manager mode solution to the flashback introduced

Recession principle

On the manager mode Due to the individual player starting the issue of a flashback, after a series of tests, I concluded that the first bug and the player itself has absolutely nothing to do; for example, someone said Ali, autonomous game a starter game flinch, but I am sure If you re-open Ali to buy it probably will not have this problem. I consciously or unconsciously found this out of the bug is regular, the rule is that the N check-in player must be a bug in the season, and N is a fixed number of fixed teams, it may also be a fixed number for all teams. For example, I use Milan to open the file, then the first 14 season I checked in the first player must be a bug, this player will inevitably jump out as long as the starting point, while the other players in place of the check on nothing. I tested it with only one team and it was possible that each team was

checked in by a bug and I do not know where the second bugged player in Milan checked in because he only tried ten A few people, the other is whether the second season the overall situation will change, I do not know, but we can test.

Because FIFA18 new sign-in system supports countless people a day, so try to buy a few days before a game in the preseason game, and then buy a few people to keep a file to group test just fine, of course, if everyone It’s better to check in with the 14th pick.

Very simple, find the bug check-in after the pick in this position casually can not be used to start a player. For example, if the bug is in the 14th place, then just rent a player after checking in with 13 players, and then remember to wait for the rental player to join the team before continuing to buy the other players because entering the team is equal to checking in. This other pick of the pick place players can start casually.

FIFA 18 Addition pseudo technical post: chemical reaction and the tacit understanding style really exist?

In ut FIFA, forming a team full of chemistry and chemical squad with players has been the players enjoyed, and with the addition of chemical is the tacit understanding of the impact of the style, fifa17 official had given the bonus calculation formula of chemical reactions and various tacit understanding card bonus value (see chart).
Opinions vary, number of players that myth, purely psychological effects, such as XXX for a hunter, not is cristiano ronaldo? Or illustrate their red squad so easing the bit in other players. While another part of the player, chemical resolute don’t.
Most of the players is that the tacit understanding style bring value addition, but not do addition value theoretically.
Today, these are just a guess, I suddenly had to do a test, and put into action, the outcome,

First of all, we please cast in the role of testing: this ayed, choose his reason is very simple: I have him a hunter and his speed in theory in ate the hunter would not overflow (99).
So how do I test? That is to make different chemical ayed run from a large area to another area, the test takes time, recorded and compared. Because the title says, pseudo technical post, even not technology, test can’t do is very strict, each test just using the x1 video recording, and then begin to end to the naked eye, with mobile phones for a stopwatch to calculate, there will be some numerical discrepancy among them, so the discerning reader need not too seriously, when all entertainment and have a look



Many of us expected a super OP FUT 18 TOTW — particularly with rumors swirling about a possible additional Guaranteed Team of the Week Squad Buildling Challenge. And while what we got was relatively top heavy, perhaps so not in a way we expected though?

No record breakers, despite Harry Kane surpassing Alan Shearer for the best individual goal-scoring output in a single Premier League calendar year nor none for Lionel Messi, who became the all-time leading scorer at any top-league European club. But both gentleman have nice in-forms for their weekends, which is better than nothing I suppose. Manchester City, the class of England, are represented by super-striker Sergio Aguero to boot.

There’s a few interesting items littered throughout the rest of the squad — and heck, many will likely be quite useful in future SBCs — but there’s not exactly anyone worth breaking the bank for. Maybe that’s actually better evidence of a tradeable SBC’s inevitability given that they might not have wanted to flood the market (and club) with more potent items? We’ll have to wait and see.

The full FIFA 18 Team of the Week 15 is as follows:

PES 2018 Strikes a Blow to FIFA 18 With This Exclusive Partnership

PES 2018 has struck a blow to FIFA 18, as Konami signs a deal with Topps Trading Cards.

Fans who purchase copies of PES 2018 will receive UEFA Champions League Match Attax.

These collectable cards will appear in boxed versions of the upcoming football title, which has a September release date.

According to Konami, a limited number of exclusive cards will be bundled with copies of the game, but only for a limited time.

The cards will feature teams and players from next season’s Champions league competition.

It’s a good fit for PES 2018, which has the virtual rights to the Champions League.

“We are constantly looking for ways to extend awareness of the PES series to new audiences, and are delighted to be working with a UEFA Champions League partner of the calibre of Topps,”a Konami spokesperson explained.

“These collectible cards are huge with young football fans and they can be the first to get their hands on them before Topps officially releases their Match Attax range by purchasing PES 2018 at launch.”

The views were echoed by Rod Pearson of Topps, who said: “PES 2018 will offer the definitive football gaming experience, and we are delighted to link our 2017/18 UEFA Champions League collection with such a strong partner.

“This year’s competition will be even more hard-fought and competitive than ever and the agreement between Topps and KONAMI showcases two very different ways to enjoy the progression of Europe’s greatest club sides.”

PES 2018 has a September 14 release date for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

New features include a massive Master League Upgrade, Enhanced Visual Reality, as well as improved Online Co-op.

“Complementing the fluid gameplay, set pieces have been reworked, including a new free-kick and penalty system. There’s also the option to start a match with the new one player kick-off.”

Fans can check it out for themselves by trying the PES 2018 beta, which takes place on July 20.

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