FIFA18 manager mode solution to the flashback introduced

Recession principle

On the manager mode Due to the individual player starting the issue of a flashback, after a series of tests, I concluded that the first bug and the player itself has absolutely nothing to do; for example, someone said Ali, autonomous game a starter game flinch, but I am sure If you re-open Ali to buy it probably will not have this problem. I consciously or unconsciously found this out of the bug is regular, the rule is that the N check-in player must be a bug in the season, and N is a fixed number of fixed teams, it may also be a fixed number for all teams. For example, I use Milan to open the file, then the first 14 season I checked in the first player must be a bug, this player will inevitably jump out as long as the starting point, while the other players in place of the check on nothing. I tested it with only one team and it was possible that each team was

checked in by a bug and I do not know where the second bugged player in Milan checked in because he only tried ten A few people, the other is whether the second season the overall situation will change, I do not know, but we can test.

Because FIFA18 new sign-in system supports countless people a day, so try to buy a few days before a game in the preseason game, and then buy a few people to keep a file to group test just fine, of course, if everyone It’s better to check in with the 14th pick.

Very simple, find the bug check-in after the pick in this position casually can not be used to start a player. For example, if the bug is in the 14th place, then just rent a player after checking in with 13 players, and then remember to wait for the rental player to join the team before continuing to buy the other players because entering the team is equal to checking in. This other pick of the pick place players can start casually.