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MMOBEYS FIFA 16 Black Friday packs release time for UK


We have some early information for all FIFA 16 players now, with fans very excited about the upcoming FIFA 16 Black Friday packs event, which EA will be unveiling at some point later this week.
Based on last years event though, we can give you some advance info as we are assuming that EA will simply follow the pattern from last year as they tend to each year.

We know that many of you have been asking what time does the FIFA 16 Lightning Round packs for Black Friday start in the UK, so now we can bring you this information so you can prepare your coins in advance.

Assuming that the event will echo that of EAs Black Friday packs for FIFA 15, then the FIFA 16 Black Friday pack release time will be on November 27 starting at 3PM for the first Lightning round.

Once this moment lands, EA should be offering 25k packs in the store at a limited quantity of say 20,000-but unlike regular promo packs which each player has a limit of, these are first come first serve.

That means that when the allocation is gone, thats it-tough luck. You also need to be aware that these Lightning Round packs for FIFA 16 tend to disappear in a matter of minutes so you need to act fast to avoid disappointment.

Many players will assume that the FIFA 16 Black Friday pack prices will have better odds of getting the rare players, which is why they always end up very popular every year.

If EA change their schedule for FIFA 16, we will update the information above accordingly. However, consider this your advance heads up from us so you can now start savings those coins so you are ready for the Lightning rounds.